Do Emotions Build Strong Relationships?

Can emotions build strong relationships or to put it in another way, are strong relations based on emotions? It is an amazing fact that the life of a human being is filled with a huge array of emotions that can be felt, expressed and experienced. An astonishing fact related to these emotions is that they can fluctuate in no time and the same is felt within our body and heart. These emotions can either build or break a relation depending on the emotional experience of a person, thus you can say that human emotions build strong relationships or can break the same, so they cause a strong impact.

Emotions Build Strong Relationship

Emotions Build Strong Relationship

What Are Emotions?

An emotion is described as a spontaneous state of mind, which comes with immediate psychological changes rather than being the result of careful efforts. Humans are emotional beings but emotions aren’t restricted to humans only, where other life forms that are lesser evolved also show several emotions like love, sadness, joy, pain. Therefore, an emotion is termed as that state of mind, which gives rise to a definite feeling, while the whole life of a human can be expressed as a chain of emotions. The expression of emotions is possible through different body movements and facial gestures. It has been proved with researches that a particular emotion gives rise to a particular facial expression only, so you can say that emotional faces are attributes of different emotions. An emotional state leads to the shift of focus of the attention and perception of a human mind, which infuses changes in the goals, communication and information gathering processes.

How Emotions Build Strong Relationships?

Emotions are referred to energy in motion that act as a strong force, which tend to bring people closer. A human being is a life form of energy, which is moved by the experience of an emotional feeling in a particular way, either positive or negative. The direction of movement of a being with the emotional force depends on the type of experience, where the positive emotion contributes to a positive connection and vice versa. The strength of a connection depends entirely on how powerful the experienced emotion is, which can be easily transmuted within polarities. An ‘intense hate’ can be turned into an intense love, which is possible if you treat the one having extreme negative emotions towards you in a favorable manner.

Emotions And Relationships

Emotions And Relationships

A relationship that experiences a huge amount of strong emotions results in a high level of addiction, where a mixture of both the negative and positive emotions adds more to the obsession. The main reason for this is that a high level of creation and build up of emotions is accompanied with a lot of experiences and expressions of the same. The transfer of an extreme delight feeling into a depressing emotional feel or the opposite makes up for a pleasure in a relationship. It contains blissful, frustration, disappointment and other feelings that may shift from the negative to a positive note or the opposite with time.

Pleasures As a Result Of Emotions Build Strong Relationships:

A pleasurable emotion is the main cause of people falling into a relationship, where a high emotional state is termed as love that arises suddenly in the mind of a being. According to psychological studies, pleasure is termed as a release of stimulus, excitation or tension that occurs in an organism. The release of the tension after it has been created is a method for the experience of pleasure, since it seeks to be culminated through the process of release after being stored up. Apart from the release of tension, pleasure can also be experienced during the process of the buildup of the tension, since it is accompanied by a simultaneous internal release. While, another kind of pleasure is also there, which is experienced with the concurrent creation and release of tension, which can be measured in terms of inward and outward movement of vibrations?

There are many things that tend to control emotions on the outside, such as love, music and other things that arouse pleasure and thus, emotions build strong relationships.

The idea of emotions and their effect is different for different beings, so if you feel that you have a distinct thought related to the topic, you can comment with your views. A discussion of different ideas over a topic can make it more informative, so your valuable comments can help us improve the knowledge of the subject.

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