Relation Between Money And Happiness

Can money buy happiness?  Well!! It is a fact that money cannot buy you happiness. It can bring you satisfaction, but cannot provide you with happiness. Happiness is something that has a more important meaning; it is easy to get satisfaction by acquiring more and more stuff. Nevertheless, money is not bad at all. There are people who have Money and Happiness. This is the feeling that brings you peace from paying off the mortgages. Therefore, money has its own upsides. According to a research, it was reflected that there was a nonlinear relationship with happiness and money. And so are those who are earning more as compared to us. Therefore, money is the one that promotes happiness. Still, perhaps there will be few things that will matter such as how you spend the money and  how much you value it will also depend on the happiness.

Money And Happiness

Money And Happiness

The Pursuit Of Money And Happiness:

It is now being accepted by all the humans that passion of things and materialism tends to have an undesirable result of well being. People, who are holding all the possessions are unhappy, less satisfied, depressed with their lives. This fact can be best remembered at the times when standing at the traffic lights in your Toyota Corolla next to a younger person driving a swish looking sports coupe. We know that money spent is a vital determinant of happiness. Money reduces happiness and when spent on the things for ourselves. However, money can bring a lot of happiness when it is spent on the experiences rather than things. You can spend it on others rather wasting it on useless things. When we spend money for the benefits of others, it produces eudemonia, which is a sense of flourishing, well-being and exciting in life. However, is there any hope for the poor people?

Having Versus Wanting!!

According to the studies, consumers were asked to talk about the experience when they consider a vital purchase, while shopping for the most important purchase, or using the product after purchasing.  It was found that they were having data that showed high or low levels of materialism and had more positive emotions when considering the future purchases. In addition, decline in the emotion after the purchase occurred. The outcome of the research on the relation between Money and Happiness shows, happiness lies in the expectation rather than the outcome of spending money.

Money And Happiness Go Hand In Hand?

Yes, of course people can have success with money. The fact that in the poorest African countries people do not have access to even basic needs of daily lives so that we can be happy and contended in our lives. The fact is that we have sufficient money to have access to proper food and safe drinking water and this proves that money can buy happiness. The reason why people are unhappy is because of consumerist fever. We misunderstood the fact that what we need and require we should fulfill it. The key to happiness is not that you have a lot; it should be that you are happy with whatever little you are having big or small. The main problem is that there is nothing wrong with the money, but something is wrong with us.

Can Money Buy Happiness

Can Money Buy Happiness

Money Can Buy Satisfaction But Not Happiness:

When people have nothing to eat or drink or are in great pain that could be only relieved by medication, then money can be the only one thing with which relief can be brought. However, having a feeling   of euphoria and initial excitement is short lived and will die soon until the human ego desires for something new. Happiness is something, which can be purchased from many. Different people have different views and according to them, it can serve differently. Money can buy a fake short-term happiness, but it cannot buy you real happiness. You should have the feeling that can be enjoyed from the heart but this is not the feeling, which you get from the money. Money and Happiness can go hand in hand, but it depends on us how we take them along. Different people can treat them differently, but today it is very difficult to manage the two with one another. Humans cannot live happily with money and money is something, which cannot provide you with real happiness.

Money and Happiness might not always go hand in hand, but this very thin thread attaching them relates them. For more knowledge, or to express your views, you can leave your comments right below, in order to put forward your views to take this discussion to the next level. It will only help us connect with you better, and share opinions with each other in a better way.

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