Ways To Improve Your Memory

How to improve your memory? Well!! It’s not difficult to improve your memory if you firmly decide and move ahead towards achieving your goal. Below in this article I will discuss some very effective ways to improve your memory. Apart from a medical condition of memory loss, the term bad memory isn’t defined yet. However, there are a number of practices that you can do to improve your memory and power of memorizing things such as your lifestyle and mind training exercises. With dedication and passion towards the improvement tasks, you can help yourself in remembering important things that you often tend to forget.

How To Improve Your Memory

How To Improve Your Memory

Improve Your Memory With Mnemonics:

There are a few tips for using mnemonics to improve your memory, which are listed below.

  • The association is an effective tool to remember certain things that might be a number, an image or a word. You can associate any phrase with your imagination that would help you by recalling the imagination to remember the phrase or word associated. Similarly, a lengthy number can be remembered by associating it with any of your favorites, like your age, favorite player’s jersey number or other numbers.
  • Chunking is an efficient method to remember long numbers or lists, which include categorizing a random list into different categories of products, or a long number into small groups associating them with different scenes or imaginations.
  • Rhymes are an easy way of memorizing certain things, as there are rhymes that can help you remember the number of days in each month and many others that can be useful to you.
  • Acronyms help you remember a list of things in an easy manner, which you can practice by creating a word using the initials of every item you wish to memorize. Similar to this, acrostics are also helpful as they involve a slightly different phenomenon, which include the creation of a simple sentence using words created from the initials of the things to remember.

Other Tricks To Improve Your Memory:

Ways To Improve Your Memory

Ways To Improve Your Memory

Some other tricks that can help you memorize things in a better way are given below.

  • To remember the name of a person, imagine a picture of the person with his/her name printed on the forehead. This helps you to recall the image and remember the name.
  • A side-to-side movement of your eyes daily helps in the alignment of both the parts of your brain and hence, enhance your memory.
  • Smelling rosemary is also considered to be a natural remedy to improve your recalling power.
  • Placing memorized things in place of those that you can’t remember and then arranging them back after you have memorized the important thing is a simple trick to help you remember things quickly.
  • A regular exercise of your brain with challenging puzzles and related games strengthens your brain and hence, proves useful in improving your memory.
  • A belief of having a bad memory can ruin all the practices, so try to convince yourself by recalling small things that your memory isn’t much bad. A happy mind will show a better improvement.
  • Try recalling things in a loud voice, which you wish to remember. This practice is used by most of the students to remember their lessons before exams and is quite a useful trick.
  • Take a deep breath, while trying to memorize something, which relaxes your mind and makes a space for new things to be memorized.

Improve Your Memory With A Better Lifestyle:

Organizing your lifestyle also helps you remember certain important things and hence, improve your memory.

  • Start with an organization of things that you use daily and try to keep them at the same place daily to make a habit.
  • Exercising daily with aerobic exercises improves efficiency of your body and mind and helps to tackle memory loss problem with age.
  • Stressing your mind can reduce its efficiency significantly, so try to relax and reduce the stress for a healthy brain.
  • A healthy diet is essential for a fresh mind, so prepare a chart of everything you need and eat accordingly.
  • A lack of observation is also responsible for a lack of memory, so try to observe things carefully and give an ample time to your mind to remember things.
  • A good amount of sleep, particularly at least 7 hours, is essential for a fresh mind and helps in improvement of your memory.
  • Keep away from stress, anxiety, depression and other psychological disorders which help in improving your memory.

I hope the above mentioned tips will help you improve the power of your brain and sharpen your memory.

If you want to share some of your tips on ‘How to improve your memory’, please do share them with the readers in the comments below.

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  1. Henry o neil says:

    Improving your memory is not very hard to do.We can all improve our memory power to an extent with some normal brain exercises like solving puzzles,recalling information which you have studied a few days ago etc.

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