An Insight Into The Psychology Of A Criminal

What is criminal psychology? Criminals exhibit distinct psychological features, which can be either exceptionally composed or calm or either temperamental or aggressive. These criminals differentiate in terms of intelligent behavior also, where some are extremely intelligent and others are very low or average in terms of intelligence. Along with aggression, there are many other factors that contribute to the behavior of a criminal and a study of those factors and their contribution towards their distinct behavior is termed as criminal psychology. Biologists and medical experts have conducted several researches to explain the genetic aberrations of criminals as they undergo some Neuro-chemical changes in their body, which lead them to such a behavior.

Criminal Psychology

Criminal Psychology

A criminal behavior can be explained through the different dimensions, which are discussed below.

Social Dimension Of Criminal Psychology

An aggressive behavior of a criminal is significantly shaped by his social life, which includes his social groups like family friends and others. Those who have been forced to exhibit aggressive behavior in their young age, either against the society or against their family members, are likely to grow into criminals in their later life. An encouragement from parents and others for the aggressive behavior of a child and if a child is used to getting his things done with crying and shouting, the person is forced to exhibit criminal behavior. A severe harm to the proper development of the moral and social aspects of a child is caused by an extreme freedom or control over the child. Thus, a criminal behavior of a child is developed with an immediate effect of the cultural and social environment, in which, a child has grown. So, if a child has an association with criminal offenders, drug and alcohol inhalers or those who carry weapons, the child is likely to adopt the same manners.

Personal Aspects Of Criminal Psychology

A close association to the criminal conduct of a person is found to be related to his/her personality disorders. So, a criminal can be a psychopath or developed into an antisocial personality due to some mental instability, argumentativeness, aggression or irritability. There are some psychopaths that have developed a habit of speaking softly along with a non-aggressive and a charming behavior, but those are the ones performing some wicked crimes. There are several types of personality patterns out of which, a few are more susceptible to a criminal behavior than the other types. Although, different criminals have different personality aspects, but they have one thing in common, that is, they emit their frustration and try to escape from the real world by performing such actions. Thus, almost every criminal can be covered under the escapist or avoidant personality pattern, since they conduct crimes to escape to their unreal world comprised of unconscious thoughts and desires. In such a mental state, performing crime is like playing an act on stage for the criminals, which they think to be rewarding if they perform their crime well. The intake of excessive alcohol, depression, mental illness and conditions aroused form manic hyperactive are also a cause of such activities.

Psychology Of A Criminal

Psychology Of A Criminal

Moral Dimension Of Criminal Psychology

Conformation of a criminal mind to several standards and norms of a society is developed through the moral development, where it is essential to control any negative or antisocial acts exhibited at the earliest. It is important to understand different moral development stages to outline the different aspects of non-conformity, including both positive and negative parts. A complete moral development could result in an individual either going against the norms of the society or to express a non-conforming with his or her acts. However, when a child ignores moral and ethical values of a society at an early stage, he or she should be hindered from the same, while a lack of control pushes the child into the criminal world.

Therefore, with a basic understanding of the parts of criminal psychology as discussed above, you can prevent a child from turning into a criminal of tomorrow.

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